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Meet Our Team

Samuel W. Knowlton
Chief Leagueologist

The principal architect and development coordinator for inLeague's Sports Management Suite, Sam got his start as a developer at Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute, where he specialized in web accessibility and electronic management of diverse data across several Federal and State grant-funded projects. In 2002, he became involved with Michael Karlin and AJ Willmer, two AYSO parents and volunteers in Los Angeles. Over the next four years and with the support and extensive knowledge and experience of Michael, AJ, and other AYSO Beverly Hills and Los Angeles volunteers, Sam wrote the foundation of what became the inLeague Sports Management Suite.

A Delaware native, Sam left Cornell for New York City in 2004, where he divided his time between managing inLeague and the theater world as a stage actor. Sam got married in the Summer of 2010 and relocated his family and inLeague Corporate HQ to Austin, Texas. He appears periodically on stage at the Austin Playhouse.

Among Sam's other interests are classical piano, medieval history, and general aviation. Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University.

Spencer Neff
Mobile Developer

Spencer builds apps that bring inLeague Sports Management Suite functionality to Android and iOS devices. He has also worked as a security guard, a dataminer, in a bowling alley, a hifi audio shop, and, briefly, as a model of vintage clothing. Spencer studied Mathematics and Logic at Boston University and will never suffer through another New England winter again. He came of age in Homosassa, Florida, where the manatee roam free, and currently lives in Austin, Texas.

Spencer is an experimental musician and keeps a website at to share creative output and strange ideas.

Michele Grace
Visual / Front-end UX Designer

Michele Grace is a graphic and web designer from Miami who has studied at both Parsons School of Design in New York City and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She has a range of interests one might might call impractically diverse and as a result there is very little she isn't interested in. From screen printing, to sewing, to hiking, to baking; Michele lets her passion and creativity inform and guide her design process. She also enjoys coffee (what designer doesn't?), bad 80's movies, and Illustrator.

Although she has lived all along the east coast, she has found her home in Austin, Texas where she lives with her best friend and two adorable pups.