inLeague's flagship product is a catch-all solution to managing a volunteer-based sports league. Originally designed for use by Los Angeles and New York City-based regions of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), the inLeague suite can be used in its entirety or else à la carte for any organization that manages a sports league. As a tailored, subscription-based service, you can use as much or as little of the following as you need, and we'll adapt our software to how you want to run things -- there's no "plug and pray" as with off-the-shelf software. For details on the services we offer, see below. For details on pricing, please see our subscription services page or contact us for a demonstration.

Is your league part of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)? See our AYSO Features page in addition to the below!

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On-line contact information. When you first join an inLeague, Give us the name and phone number of any adult in your family, your family doctor, and an emergency contact, and we'll keep it on file for as long as your child plays - you don't have to re-submit everything from scratch each season.

On-line registration and payment. No more standing in line for an hour and filling out a paper form. Register your child at home, in your bathrobe, on your own time. Pay via credit card, or, if your league prefers, electronic check.

Your sensitive information is kept safe or else not kept at all -- we don't keep your credit card number or your billing information, and even if we did, access to our server is strictly regulated in a high-security, commercial hosting facility.

Stay in touch because your child's coach and league administrators can keep you up-to-date with a click of a button via our email manager. No spreadsheets with names and contact information - it's all on-line and it's all secure.

See your child's team assignments and team roster the moment they become available - no more waiting for a phone call.

Provide anonymous feedback about your child's coach and your child's experience each season.

Coaches & Division Directors

Go paperless or at least mail-less, since you can view (or print ... okay, on paper) team rosters, medical release forms, line-up cards, and contact information for everyone on your team.

Player ratings help you keep track of your players' strengths and growth from one season to the next. Keep it simple with a single rating for each player every season, or else track a half-dozen areas from attitude to tactical ability.

Assign teams with whatever relevant information you need right in front of you -- age, ratings history, assignment history, or preference.

Training and certification history - track your coaches' and referees' credentials across seasons, including coach feedback provided by players or parents.

Stay in touch with your coaching staff, team members, or (for youth leagues) team parents with our Email Manager -- no fiddling with contact lists when their email addresses change.

Post announcements on your team's on-line schedule page for "pull" as well as "push" notification.

Referees and Referee Staff

Self-schedule requests for specific games weeks in advance.

Get e-mail confirmation when your assignment requests are confirmed, or assignments are changed.

Earn referee credits for refereeing games in leagues that track referee participation.

Schedulers and administrators can override any assignment request, limit sign-ups to referees with a particular certification, clear a schedule due to rain-outs, send an email blast to all referees on a particular date, and keep track of referees scheduled for games involving certain players (or their own children).

Manage referee volunteers each season with automatically generated contact lists for parents willing to referee in your division.

View available assignments as soon as you log in with the week's upcoming, available games displayed right on your home page.

Pre-formatted templates to email your referees with open assignments or alert assigned referees to schedule changes.

League Administrators

Schedule games for weeks at a time or assign open game slots to available fields and delegate match- ups to division directors.

Automatically generate match-ups based on a round-robin template in which every team tries to play every other team at least once, or else manually assign games.

Automatically update on-line game schedules so players, volunteers, and fans get up-to- date information in one place.

Publish scores and standings with customized point deductions (red cards, et cetera).

Schedule clinics, workshops, and other events and collect fees via credit card with the inLeague Event Manager.

Extensive reporting tools place player and volunteer information at your fingertips.

Granular security access means that administrators get access to what they need and only what they need -- we adapt our tools to your existing structure.

Process refunds and withdrawals automatically.

Accept donations and sponsorships both during the player registration process and separately.

Organize different competitions or tournaments or create travel teams in addition to your players' regular season assignments.

Collect tournament fees or other required payments at any time during the season in addition to registration.

Register players when and how you want to with a sliding fee based on age or date of registration (early bird discounts) or offer reduced, scholarship rates.

Track player records and history for past seasons and compare year-to-date registration numbers.